Mindfulness for students

Mindfulness for students

Is this course for me?
This Mindfulness course is for students who want to learn more about mindfulness, and to develop the ability to deal more skillfully with the stresses of everyday life at university (and beyond). It is intended as an introduction to mindfulness and is taught in 8 weekly sessions along with home practice. If you are not a student but wish to take part in a course, please sign up for a MBCT / MBSR course for the general puclic at Mindfulness Prakijk Edith te Hennepe

What will I learn?
You will learn to cultivate mindfulness on two levels:
First and foremost are the core mindfulness meditation practices. You will be taught a series of simple daily meditations that can be done almost anywhere. Some are as short as 3 minutes, while others may take 15 minutes.
Second, mindfulness encourages you to break some of the unconscious habits of thinking and behaving that stop you living your life fully. Many judgemental and self-critical thoughts arise out of habitual ways of thinking and acting. By breaking with unhelpful daily routines you’ll progressively dissolve some of these negative thinking patterns and become more mindful and aware.


If you are a student, the training costs 350 euro. Otherwise this training costs 425 euro.
This inludes:

  • 8 sessions of 90 minutes,
  • Silence Day (6 hours),
  • Course text,
  • Tea.

More and more health insurance companies reimburse (part of) the costs of a mindfulness training course. Contact your insurer for more information.

For registration and more information I invite you to contact me:

Mindfulness Praktijk Edith te Hennepe
06-15087237 |edith@mindfulness-praktijk.nl | Wageningen


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Frequently asked questions – about mindfulness meditation

What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a natural human quality.  It is a way of paying attention, in the present moment, to yourself and others, with an attitude of wise acceptance.

Why is it taught on an 8-week course? 
Research studies have shown that it is through practising mindfulness meditation regularly over a eight week period that you experience the benefits. After eight weeks of training there is a significant increase in the ability to sustain attention, emotional regulation and perspective taking.

Is mindfulness religious? 
The particular meditations taught in mindfulness classes have their roots in Eastern meditation traditions. However, they are entirely secular exercises, and you are not asked to accept anything except what you experience for yourself.

How soon will I know if it’s helping?
People experience the benefits of mindfulness in different ways. You may find that you relax significantly within one class, or during one meditation. However, it may be hard to notice any effect at first, especially if you find the meditation “is difficult to do”. This does not mean it has no effect! Many people find themselves experiencing moments of calm and greater awareness at other times of day. A little like going to the gym, or learning a language, the benefits are sometimes hard to pinpoint, but you can notice an overall increase in well-being over time.







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